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There is much more nefariousness on the Ringstrasse (Police Headquarters, Hotel Marriot, House with Gartenbaukino, Hotel Hilton, Ringstrasse Gallery, etc.

There is much more nefariousness on the Ringstrasse (Police Headquarters, Hotel Marriot, House with Gartenbaukino, Hotel Hilton, Ringstrasse Gallery, etc.

Karl Schmidt Wed., March 22. 2017 17:58 report reply

To all Wienschützer, I think the 66m high project is okay. There is a lot more nefariousness on the Ringstrasse (Police Headquarters, Hotel Marriot, House with Gartenbaukino, Hotel Hilton, Ringstrasse Gallery, etc.) So where were the cityscape protectors !!!! ?????

WhyDoYouCare Wed, March 22nd. 2017 11:14 am

Just because a few money-hungry sacks want to see their real estate project there, the state pays extra and the city of Vienna loses its status as a world cultural heritage. That the drunk BGM is not interested is clear, but what about the rest of the people?

Walter Gerhard Wed., March 22. 2017 20:00 report

I agree with you 100%! Especially in the direction of political and cultural responsibility! But of course this doesn’t matter to a drunk BGM and the like. I wouldn’t be surprised if there wasn’t corruption involved, as in “” Wiener Wohnen “”. The corruption at “” Wiener Wohnen “” has been known for over 20 years and nothing has been done about it!

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Experts criticize the planned extension of the 12-hour day: “” Necessity of the amendment cannot be seen on closer inspection “”

Experts from the fields of law, political science, medicine, psychology and sociology are going to court with the planned extension of the maximum daily working time to twelve hours. “” The necessity of the amendment cannot be seen on closer inspection – not even the economic one, “said the sociologist Jörg Flecker on Wednesday in front of journalists in Vienna.

Longer working hours do not mean more jobs

Longer working hours in order to be able to process orders more quickly did not mean more orders, argued Flecker, but that another company did not get this order. The sociologist who works at the University of Vienna sees the risk of social dumping. He also denies the benefits raised by the government for both employers and employees. “It is a misrepresentation in public that flexible working hours are beneficial for both parties.” “According to studies, flexitime is mainly used for operational interests. “” Employees also have an eye on the requirements of gainful employment, private needs are the exception. “”

Gabriele Michalitsch, political scientist at the University of Vienna, criticized the envisaged provision, according to which employees can refuse longer working hours for personal reasons, including childcare. Because the decision about it lies with the employer. “Employees have to disclose their private information”, criticized Michalitsch. She sees single mothers in particular affected by the negative consequences of the planned Working Hours Act, which, according to her, represent 15 percent of all family types.writing 123

“Criticism is dismissed as atrocity propaganda”

The political scientist also criticized the form in which the government introduced the amendment and how criticism is countered. The initiative motion tries to keep the debate to a minimum. “” Parliament is like a voting machine, “” Michalitsch said. “” Criticism is disqualified as atrocity propaganda “” stated the political scientist, who locates a linguistic shift in public discourse, which in turn leads to a worrying shift in thinking.

Elimination of co-determination options

Martin Risak, labor lawyer at the University of Vienna, is among other things a thorn in the side of the elimination of participation options. There are already numerous opportunities to work twelve hours a day and 60 hours a week – but this is not the rule. He referred to the election manifesto of the now Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP), in which no increase in working hours without employee participation was announced. Risak also pointed out the possibility contained in the initiative request to make Sunday work easier and the expansion of the term “executive employee” “. Such employees are exempt from the provisions of the Working Hours Act. In order to turn the proposal into a sensible law, participation, adequate compensation for longer work and paid breaks are necessary.

12-hour day: how healthy is it?

Gerhard Blasche from MedUni Vienna warned of an increased risk of accidents. There is evidence of an increase in the frequency of accidents among industrial workers from the tenth hour onwards. Accidents, like mistakes, are a result of fatigue. Two twelve-hour shifts by geriatric nurses require three days of rest, the medical professional said, citing a study by the Center for Public Health, in which he himself participated. If there is little time for recovery, fatigue will be carried over into the next day. The work psychologist Christian Korunka from the University of Vienna pointed out possible long-term problems in connection with a later retirement age: “” In the discourse, the extension of the working life is forgotten. ” – “” That doesn’t work “”, warned the expert. In addition to the elderly and women who do family work, people are also excluded from the world of work whose health is not in a position to work up to twelve hours a day.

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The US ambassador has been summoned to the Berlin Foreign Office about the affair surrounding the possible surveillance of Angela Merkel’s mobile phone. “” The position of the federal government will be clearly explained to him, “said a spokeswoman for the Foreign Office, confirming information from” Spiegel Online “”.

The appointment of the US ambassador to the German Foreign Ministry is probably an unprecedented process in German post-war history. The Foreign Office could not remember any other case on Thursday. “” There are no statistics, but the appointment of this partner is definitely not remembered for the recent and medium past, “said a spokeswoman for the German press agency dpa.

Cell phone possibly tapped

The German government has received information that the mobile phone of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel may have been monitored by US secret services, said Merkel’s spokesman Steffen Seibert. In a telephone conversation with Barack Obama, Merkel called for such surveillance practices to be “” immediately “” stopped. There should be no such monitoring of a head of government’s communications among close friends and partners like Germany and the USA have been for decades. “” That would be a serious breach of trust. “”

According to a report in the newspaper “” Die Welt “”, a former cell phone number Merkel is contained in documents of the former US secret service employee Edward Snowden. This information was the trigger for the current scandal. There is talk of a “” condensed suspicion “” of an espionage attack against Merkel. The device is therefore a Nokia cell phone that Merkel used from October 2009 to July 2013.

Cell phone wasn’t bug-proof

The cell phone itself, which was allegedly tapped, was not classified as bug-proof. That said a spokesman for the Federal Office for Security in Information Technology (BSI) according to a report of the news portal “” Sü “” on Thursday. The medium draws the conclusion that the cell phone was not approved for use in the workplace. According to the VS instructions, the use of private devices in the workplace is strictly prohibited for people who have access to classified information. Exceptions are possible.

Obama rejected the allegation

In the phone call, Obama rejected the allegation that US intelligence agencies tap their phones. According to spokesman Jay Carney, he assured that the US “will not and will not monitor” the communications of the Chancellor. It remained open, however, whether her cell phone was tapped in the past. Carney assured that the US would review the actions of its intelligence services in order to bring security interests and privacy concerns “” appropriately “into line.

Merkel without comment

Merkel herself did not make a statement immediately before the EU summit in Brussels. The incumbent head of government entered the building of a preparatory Conservative party meeting on Thursday without saying a word for the many waiting journalists. Usually she gives a brief statement there.

Reroll the entire NSA affair

The German government now wants to reopen the entire NSA spying affair. Chancellery Minister Ronald Pofalla (CDU) said on Thursday after a meeting of the Parliamentary Control Committee (PKG) in Berlin that he had ordered that all NSA statements from the past few months about the affair be re-examined. The US government has “” not given a denial of eavesdropping on Merkel’s mobile phone “” not for the past. Should the reconnaissance attack be confirmed, it would be a “” serious breach of trust “”.

The PKG chairman Thomas Oppermann (SPD) spoke of a “” very serious process “”. Spying on the Chancellor would be “” a flagrant violation of German interests “”. This would also cast doubt on the US side’s overall credibility in the affair. Now the investigation of the NSA affair must “” start all over again. It must be clarified to what extent not only the Chancellor, but also all private and business communication in Germany was monitored. The protection of fundamental rights in the digital age will be an issue in the coalition negotiations and for the new federal government.

According to Oppermann, it remained unclear at the PKG meeting, at which Pofalla reported to the parliamentarians how long the alleged eavesdropping activities of the NSA against the Chancellor went back. The SPD politician criticized the USA for “apparently not having any reservations about monitoring democratically legitimized governments” “.

“” Serious breach of trust “”

The deputy PKG chairman Michael Grosse-Brömer (CDU) also spoke of a possibly “” serious breach of trust among allies “”. He joined the call for past NSA information to be processed. At the same time, Grosse-Brömer defended Pofalla, who had already declared the NSA affair over in the summer. From today’s perspective it is also correct that there was no mass spying on German citizens.

For the Greens, Christian Ströbele made it clear after the meeting that he was now assuming that the Chancellor’s cell phone had “” actually “” been tapped. Now nobody can claim that the NSA in Germany adheres to the law. Apparently, the US is not about fighting terrorism, but rather about gaining “” advantages “” in competition with others.

According to PKG member Hartfrid Wolff (FDP), a German delegation will soon travel to the USA. In his opinion, this should not only consist of government representatives, but also of parliamentarians. The German side had “” been lied to intensely by the Americans, “” he stated.

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Login Connect with Facebook stabilis Thu., Oct 24th 2013 14:34 report reply

The Internet is cut between Europe and the USA – Facebook can also have its servers here! Americans understand that. The world should decide to isolate the Internet from such topics, it is technically possible without further ado. Just force the provider. Then no more core routers from the USA should be used and these should also be checked, i.e. on the source code

Oliver-Berg Thu., Oct 24th 2013 1:49 pm report reply

In all bilateral agreements between the US and the EU, the Americans have clearly benefited. Obviously they always had an information advantage through eavesdropping. The only pressure that the EU can still exert is not to accept Turkey into the EU and boycott the planned free trade area, otherwise the Americans just don’t get it.

Oliver-Berg Thu., Oct 24th 2013 1:48 pm report reply

If one assumes that the Americans have tapped into Ms. Merkel’s cell phone, then one can also assume that all cell phones of all European government members and EU leaders are wiretapped. Just sick American minds who believe they can do anything in the name of counterterrorism.

wintersun Thu., Oct 24th 2013 12:38 report reply

Ms. Merkel, you silly. So far I thought of YOU that you know that the Americans wiretap each of us for our PROTECTION. Surely that is clear, or do I really have to pronounce the favorite word of security extremists, namely terror? It was generally said, “If you have nothing to hide, you should kindly be eavesdropped!” “Aha! Do you have something to hide Ms. Merkel? I always thought, you can’t crawl more rectally towards the Americans than you are.” become more, as well as you always carry out the COMMANDS from Washington. I was probably mistaken about you, do you have a residual spark of your own opinion because people in Washington are obviously worried? I have not yet been able to form an opinion how serious you really are about it. I’m curious how the puppet theater continues;)

Ignaz-Kutschnberger Thu., Oct. 24th 2013 11:53 report reply

And to the address of Swoboda Hannes … even if we don’t necessarily always agree Hannes, you’re a great guy … but my advice to you: take a cell phone WITHOUT a camera !! Trust me!! 😉 All the best continue